About Us

Langosmar located in Guayaquil, Ecuador is dedicated to the production and export of shrimp since 1982.
 Our farms and packaging plant are certified organic by the most prestigious standards worldwide:
• Euro Leaf (European Union)
 • AB (French government)
 • Bio Suisse (Switzerland)
 • QCS (USA) 

In our farms we have developed a production system that goes beyond the "organic standards" required by any of this certifications. In a 100% natural environment, we feed our shrimps with the natural proteins in the ocean waters: zooplankton and phytoplankton. The prohibition of external "feed" guarantee us a unique strong and crunchy texture   


We guarantee the maximum satisfaction of our clients by producing a top quality product with social responsibility and respect of the environment preserving our planet for the future generations.


Lead the natural production of organic shrimp litopenaeus vanamei with no external feed worldwide, achieving the unique and exquisite flavor BIO GOURMET LANGOSMAR.